Lactation Support

Prenatal & Postpartum support available

Breastfeeding can be challenging even though we are told it is supposed to come naturally. This can be a difficult time in life and support is essential. Meeting with an IBCLC is an important step to meeting your breastfeeding goals. 

Lactation Consultation
During this 1.5 hour visit, a complete history is taken.  An assessment of baby is completed. This includes assessing baby’s reflexes and an oral examination to assess for restriction in the mouth. A breast check is done and any wounds are assessed. Latch is observed. If mother is pumping, pumping is assessed as well. Based on all of this information, a plan is developed to get mom and baby back on track. Included in the visit is continuing correspondence to modify the plan as necessary.  A referral to other providers may be made depending on what needs to be addressed. An in-person follow-up is recommended and can be booked at initial visit. You should plan for a follow-up usually a week after the first visit or after baby is seen by referred provider.To schedule, please use the "Book Now" button below. 

Prenatal Support
This is a private 1.5 hour class is specific to your needs. This is an excellent option for families that have struggled with breastfeeding in the past, mothers with health histories that might effect breastfeeding and families that want to be prepared for the journey of breastfeeding. Come prepared with your questions. Together we will develop a breastfeeding plan to meet your goals.

Fees for Services

  • Prenatal Consultation: $100

  • Initial Consultation: $150

  • Postpartum Follow-Up: $100

  • FSA and HSA 

  • Payment plans can be made when discussed in advance

  • Some insurance accepted

I have partnered with The Lactation Network in order to accept the following insurance providers. The Lactation Network addresses all insurance correspondence. Once you are approved, there is no out of pocket expense for up to three 90 minutes visits.

To determine if you pre-qualify please click here: 

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